How to build winning edges in your field of work

Winning edges – small differences in ability that can lead to an enormous difference in results. Both at a personal and organizational level, you should build your winning edges. It is that small difference in your own personal stack of knowledge and skills that can lead to major differences in your performance and achievements.

Strategies and techniques for achieving success at every level of business and in every field of the profession are more widely available and progressing more rapidly than ever before. You can learn any subject, master any art and build proficiency in the field of your choice much easier now, through the abundance of knowledge and work-pieces of several masters around the world. Many of these are available for free and at any time, any place.

When you look around, you will find many successful people and organizations in your field of work. When you study their ways-of-working and craft, you will be able to understand their success principles. Since there are so many successes and failures, you can analyze and build your own set of laws-of-success. When put-to-use, you will know their value. Fine tune it to make it a set-of-unbreakable-laws-of-success. Just as you reap what you sow, when you use good raw-materials, you get good things out.

For example, the following may be a set of laws to abide by to build your winning edge:
• Learn a new-topic-a-day
• Do-something-new-every-day
• Leave no-item-unchecked in the to-do-list for the day
• Correspond with one-new-person-a-day
• Visit a new-place-a-month
• Walk-a-mile-a-day
• Gift-a-thing-a-month

When you build and operate under the laws-of-success, you will build winning edges that make your craft remarkable. Try it now.

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Micro-contributions are the value levers in digital organisations

Digital organizations are the current generation of transformations at work. In these organizations, people and things are connected. They communicate via a decentralized, highly distributed infrastructure intricately woven into every aspect of their lives. With distributed infrastructure, you are increasingly eliminating standard framework of communications, social and economic landscapes. Communications amongst people today is more diversified, more emergent and often unpredictable. In this distributed work environment, small bits of work – micro-contributions coming from many people, mostly unconnected to the hierarchy of the organization is at the core of the next wave of value creation.

With the reduction of the distance between creation and consumption, decision making and collaboration is turning into dynamic and inclusive. People do like to explore newer pastures of work and showcase their interest and talent to a larger group of people than just their bosses and peers.

Creating platforms to harvest micro-contributions from a larger set of people on a volunteer basis helps in building the nest of opportunities and ready-to-use solutions – a true social wealth. Look at how current digital natives like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Instagram and the others have created social wealth – for themselves and others. They couldn’t exist without our content, our unpaid, fun, and labor. It is we who create everything they are valued highly for. Without making these daily contributions, none of these platforms could exist, let alone thrive. Likewise, if you let people at work, including partners, customers, and external collaborators become micro-contributors to shaping your craft, the unbelievable and remarkable craft will emerge.

It is essential for every current generation entrepreneur and intrapreneur to learn the skill of harvesting micro-contributions from a large set of people to build their venture and a remarkable craft. Explore, design well and implement a catchment for micro-contributions.

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How to learn from things that you already know

It is nearly impossible for people to learn what they think they already know. Once you feel you know everything about something, you’re done. If you open the possibilities of knowing another side of what you think you know, new perspectives show-up.

When you apply what you know, you experience. All valid knowledge comes through experience. When you think you know a subject, a trick or a way to get things done, try if it really works. Acquired knowledge through studies, other’s discovery and teachings, most of the time stay as surface coats. As with tough coats, they create a barrier to let new perspectives enter. This also makes them stale.

Try to learn from what you think you already know. The best way is to adopt them into your routine. Once you start using it routinely, the depth of what you know becomes visible. Gives you an opportunity to go deeper, add fresh perspectives and soon master the art. Imagine that your vessel-of-wisdom is always half-empty. Keep an open mind even with things you feel you are a master. Exploring further begins with an open mind. Your craft becomes remarkable.

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