Win yourself

When everyone else’s idea seems to be better and brighter than your own, you are taking two steps back at a time. Own yours and make it better and brighter. Win with yourself first before racing with others.

Replace “idea” with anything that matters – job, role, career, etc. Effect remains the same.

Idea fatigue

When you are tired of finding the next big and best idea that should change your company and the world, how do you approach?

Idea fatigue is a normal problem with those who would like to innovate for the sake of innovation. Also, when you are in a hurry to hit the big ticket idea, everything around you seems going against you. To avoid idea fatigue,

  • Practice ideation as a fun-filled-activity.
  • Observe with curiosity. Suspend judgement while observing. Make notes of observation. 
  • Keep a defined schedule to review the notes of observation.
  • Formulate your hypothesis.
  • Test your idea with your friends and peers you trust. 
  • Build a prototype and evaluate. 
  • Keep a list of validated ideas ready for use.

When tasked with finding the next big idea, you are ready with a few. Ideas may not show up accidentally. But you can discover useful ones through continued curiosity.

be a #dreamerdoer

How to test if this is a good idea

Brainstorming guidelines dictate that you should suspend judgment while collecting ideas. Every sponsor, investor and paying customer demands a good idea. You would like to associate and build on a good idea. How to test if it is a good idea?

You should develop and routinely use clear guidelines for qualifying ideas as good or otherwise, based on your business context. A good idea for someone not necessarily is the same for you and your context. Overcoming individual resistance and managing uncertainties associated with the implementation of the idea is very critical to extracting the potential of the idea. Innovation is the value obtained from actual use, not the promise of potential. Results matter. Nothing else.

The economic value of innovation is determined by the quality of implementation than just the quality of ideas. So, to test the quality of an idea, you can use the lens of implementation, an ability to extract value.

You can test the idea through these filters:
• If you can’t implement it, it’s not a good idea
• If you can’t implement it well, it’s not a good idea.
• If you can’t afford to implement it, it’s not a good idea
• If you can’t afford to implement it well, it’s not a good idea
• If you refuse to implement it, it’s not a good idea.

It might be a good idea for someone else, but not for you. Find the one that fits and implement it with right pace, precision, and passion. Leave the rest aside, quickly and gracefully.

be a #dreamerdoer

Dream job is one that makes you feel free

Dream job looks different to everyone. For some it is passive income. For some it is corporate role. For some it is working closely with great clients. For some it is being able to work from anywhere. In the end, it’s what freedom feels and looks like to each one of us.

If you do things with ease and feel the free flow of positive energy while doing, you are on the path to building your dream job. It is the one that makes you feel free and truly remarkable!

Be-the-best at whatever you do. So good that everyone respects you and what you create/ deliver, irrespective of the job. You will feel free and you are in the right job – the dream job.

be a #dreamerdoer

Best idea to pursue as an Entrepreneur in residence

Best idea to pursue as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence should be the one fit-for-the-purpose. Purpose has three dimensions of fitment. Fit with the company. Fit with the market and of course, fit with intrapreneur’s needs.

Ideas without any of this will be like an open-bottom-pyramid. Difficult to sustain and mostly will fail the test-of-time. Find and pursue the business idea that is bounded. Test fitment early enough. Invest your reputation, expertise and energy on those ideas that have a greater fit in all dimensions. You will get priority support, time and mind-share to build something remarkable!

be a #dreamerdoer