Win yourself

When everyone else’s idea seems to be better and brighter than your own, you are taking two steps back at a time. Own yours and make it better and brighter. Win with yourself first before racing with others.

Replace “idea” with anything that matters – job, role, career, etc. Effect remains the same.

The how of things and why it matters the most

5Ws1H is the best thumb-rule for anyone to manage things in an effective manner. A comprehensive approach to a plan, a solution, an idea, and best customer satisfaction comes from covering – Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. Arranging it appropriately, these define the roadmap. E.g. Who does what, when, where, why and how defines the best plan forward. Though all elements play a significant role, “how” matters the most in the effectiveness of the plan, solution or business idea. As the saying goes, “execution” makes the difference between success and failure.

How is the manner. The wrong manner turns everything sour, even justice and reason. The right one makes up for everything. Right manner can turn a “no” into an acceptable solution. Sweetens the truth, and makes even dead-end, a new beginning. The pleasant manner captures the affection of others. That’s why “how” of things is very important. Speak and act well and you will get out of any difficult situation. Whatever be the circumstance and substance, your stance in right manner helps you progress well.

be a #dreamerdoer