Trying isn’t enough

You put your best effort. At least, that’s what you thought. The guys on the panel, don’t get it. That’s what most of the lot feel. Imagine when you are on the list. What do you feel? Accomplished. Away from the lot. What got you on the list is your preparation. To play in the league of champions, trying isn’t good enough. Practice. 

Practice makes you strong. Brings focus on finding what’s required. Doing what matters. Practice with diligence keeps you on the list. 

Be a #dreamerdoer

Leading self is leading the way

Intrapreneur is expected to think and act a little away from the routine. Look through the lenses that are not routinely used by every other employee. Formulate hypothesis that might sound unbelievable, but be disciplined enough to establish validity or otherwise.

Beyond all these, be a catalyst – a leader who might lead the way for next chapter of the company.


be a leader – be a #dreamerdoer.

Visualisation is half the problem solved

Intrapreneurs seem to work at a pace that makes them out-of-synch with the rest of the crowd. While describing the problem worth solving or explaining the best way of solving the same, you might tend to believe that everyone knows what you are saying and are with you fully. During the process, you might miss some key back-ground info, important data-points and even the relevance of the problem-solution set from market point of view.

Visual representation of the problem and the compelling solution you have found, helps you and everyone else to follow you. This is one of the foundational skills required for any intrapreneur.

Graphics condense text, clarify relationships, and highlight patterns. They allow you to show your understanding of data to the reader in a clear and concise way. Make it work for you.

be a #dreamerdoer

Idea fatigue

When you are tired of finding the next big and best idea that should change your company and the world, how do you approach?

Idea fatigue is a normal problem with those who would like to innovate for the sake of innovation. Also, when you are in a hurry to hit the big ticket idea, everything around you seems going against you. To avoid idea fatigue,

  • Practice ideation as a fun-filled-activity.
  • Observe with curiosity. Suspend judgement while observing. Make notes of observation. 
  • Keep a defined schedule to review the notes of observation.
  • Formulate your hypothesis.
  • Test your idea with your friends and peers you trust. 
  • Build a prototype and evaluate. 
  • Keep a list of validated ideas ready for use.

When tasked with finding the next big idea, you are ready with a few. Ideas may not show up accidentally. But you can discover useful ones through continued curiosity.

be a #dreamerdoer

Technology innovation and illusion of value

Innovation for a pre-defined purpose amounts to finding effective and intelligent solutions to a known set of problems. Boundaries of innovation and its application are either pre-defined or established early in the process of innovation. But in technology companies and for technologists, innovating for the sake of producing new technologies and solutions turn-out to be an exciting opportunity.

They may have a clarity on the piece of technology or solution they are building and totally lack how it can be put-to-use to extract economic value. Some of them may be ahead of time. A few may be incomplete from deployment point-of-view. A few may not have any obvious fitment to current customer situations.

Finding a problem to solve with this innovation becomes the challenge. Monetising innovation then hinges heavily on finding those problems and customers willing to pay for the same. When it becomes too difficult to find possible problems and application areas for these innovations, the value perception fades away. This hurts further innovation programs and pursuits. Innovation efforts turn out to be happy-engineering programs.

Pursuing technology innovation is important for overall progress. New Industries and businesses are formed due to intelligent application of technology innovations. It is hardly the same company innovating on both dimensions. To realize the true potential of the value of technology innovation, product, process and business model innovations become necessary.

When you are proposing, pursuing entrepreneurial journeys within a company or outside, make sure that you are clear about the innovation dimension relevant to your company and industry you are addressing. To monetize, you have to look for options for licensing, productizing, process-reengineering and building new business models as appropriate to the dimensions – technology, product, process, and business respectively. Else, the entire value of the innovation remains illusive.

When Technology innovations are easy to integrate & deploy, specific to a set of identified users and work on simple business models, finding appropriate problems and customers might become easier. Since the value of a solution/ innovation is seen only in the use of it, finding and engaging with potential customers and users early in the cycle is very important to keep your pursuit on track and build a remarkable craft.

be a #dreamerdoer