Persistence of mission is an essential element for success

Success has a variety of definitions. In simple terms, meeting and exceeding set goals is one of them. Entrepreneurs-in-Residece who are obsessed with their craft, have to fight an ongoing battle to stay on their mission. When you are convinced with the potential of your idea/solution, but finding it difficult to get support from internal stakeholders, persistence-of-mission becomes an essential element of your course of life at work.

Many-a-times, it might take months/years to get that off the ground and let it fly well. But, keep at it. Show-and-tell the benefits to those who matter. Write and let people experiment with little risk. Garner support from potential users and possible customers, without hurting the relationship-chain-of-command. If it is useful, it’ll find its way. You might be just out-of-synch with timing. But that’s what makes you ahead-of-time innovator!
Check what Spencer Silver had to say about his “glue that doesn’t glue”…

You have to be a zealot at times in order to keep interest alive, because it will die off. It seems like the pattern always goes like this. In the fat times, these groups appear and do a lot of interesting research. And then the lean times come just about at the point when you’ve developed your first goody, your gizmo. And then you’ve got to go out and try to sell it. Well, everybody in the division is so busy that they don’t want to touch it. They don’t have time to look at new product ideas with no end-product already in mind

Let your craft speak for itself!

be a #dreamerdoer

Being a leader where there is a need

Situations at work demand leaders of various sizes and capabilities. Most of them need ones without leadership titles. They need people who make a difference, then and there. Those who contribute in these situations go-a-long-way with the company and people who benefited.

It is not opportunism. It is genuine interest to be part of the company and its need is what counts. Pure-play opportunistic pursuits become easily visible to everyone around. Genuine efforts yield better results and garner peer-support. It is a nice feeling to be wanted, at work. This sets you free and puts you in an orbit of being at the right place. A dream-job-zone. Raise your hand where there’s a need. Build small wins and set yourself free, at work!

be a #dreamerdoer

Courage is more important than confidence

Courage is important to take-up something than the confidence to do the same. When you are operating out of courage, you are saying – no matter how you feel about yourself or your opportunities or the outcome, you are going to take the risk and take a step toward what you want. You are not waiting for the confidence to arrive on its own from somewhere.

Confidence is achieved through repeated success at any endeavour. The more you practice something, the better you get at it, and your confidence will grow over time. Start something useful to you and your company, now. Be brave. Being brave takes you to becoming competent. And then, the confidence arrives.

be a #dreamerdoer

Working behind the busyness-trap

It is easy to hide behind the ‘busyness – trap’. It is something  anyone can do. What makes you different is – how you use this to build a ‘safety net’. Being focused on creating value and making yourself completely relevant requires to be busy on right things. Take a little time off the busyness-net for initiatives that make you and your company – remarkable! Small steps are the best way to start.

Find that tiny 10-15 min window on your schedule and build your net. Start something away from the task-on-hand but, in-the-line of your business.

be a #dreamerdoer