Irreplaceability stuns your growth

Being irreplaceable at work gives a false sense of security. Job insecurity creates defensive behavior. Working to be irreplaceable alienates you from others. You create more distance between work and result. People around you will try their best to ensure that not much of new work comes around you. When people relate you to a hoarder, chances of getting critical work becomes closer to zero. This stuns your opportunities for growth.

Let go being irreplaceable. Focus on being capable.

be a #dreamerdoer

Growth is a necessity to sustain

Growth is a necessity for every organization. If you are not growing, you are stagnating. If you are not growing in your ability, you are getting worse. Continuous learning and growth should be part of your daily routine.

Economically, a minimum growth is essential to meet cost-of-living-adjustments. Growth in abilities is important to remain relevant to changing needs of the market, competition, and customers. Growth is essential to sustain what you are doing today. If your company is not growing, people at work cannot grow. You lose people. You lose the ability to grow and serve more customers. It might trigger a downward spiral.

Focus on growth. Identify opportunities, ideas, and customers who help you grow. Work on projects, initiatives, and solutions that will help you grow with existing customers first. Reach new buyers and markets while retaining growth focus on current opportunities and operations. Support programs that yield growth over those who can alter the path of progress. Growth and fulfilment come from abandoning practices that hinder progress and momentum while embracing new ones. Innovate to grow. Innovate to overcome hindrances of progress and momentum.

be a #dreamerdoer