Win yourself

When everyone else’s idea seems to be better and brighter than your own, you are taking two steps back at a time. Own yours and make it better and brighter. Win with yourself first before racing with others.

Replace “idea” with anything that matters – job, role, career, etc. Effect remains the same.

Practice leads to excellence

We prize comfort over everything else. Comfort never leads to excellence. It took us so long to get here. Why not rest and enjoy? This mindset will not let the champion to retain his position in the next match. There’s that next player waiting to upset him. Still we see champions like Roger Federer retain their position for so long. How do they do it? Practice better than the last. 

Practice in a way it hurts, stretches and grows you. First win is where your practice begins to play. Set the bar to next level, every time you practice. This practice leads to excellence. 

Be a #dreamerdoer 

Trying isn’t enough

You put your best effort. At least, that’s what you thought. The guys on the panel, don’t get it. That’s what most of the lot feel. Imagine when you are on the list. What do you feel? Accomplished. Away from the lot. What got you on the list is your preparation. To play in the league of champions, trying isn’t good enough. Practice. 

Practice makes you strong. Brings focus on finding what’s required. Doing what matters. Practice with diligence keeps you on the list. 

Be a #dreamerdoer

Visualisation is half the problem solved

Intrapreneurs seem to work at a pace that makes them out-of-synch with the rest of the crowd. While describing the problem worth solving or explaining the best way of solving the same, you might tend to believe that everyone knows what you are saying and are with you fully. During the process, you might miss some key back-ground info, important data-points and even the relevance of the problem-solution set from market point of view.

Visual representation of the problem and the compelling solution you have found, helps you and everyone else to follow you. This is one of the foundational skills required for any intrapreneur.

Graphics condense text, clarify relationships, and highlight patterns. They allow you to show your understanding of data to the reader in a clear and concise way. Make it work for you.

be a #dreamerdoer

Power of small ideas as catalyst for a big transformation

Transformation is a pursuit of many corporations. The reason may be the business necessity, change in business environment, technology disruption or new and innovative players. Changing permanently from the current state to an irreversible and unknown state is not easy. Many seek external hand-holding. A few will leave it to time. Some focus on customer push. Irrespective of the method, they tend to postpone or dodge. But winners in the market embrace change routinely. More head-on than the rest. How do they do it?

Transformation can be achieved through a series of irreversible changes progressively feeding to the next step to keep the momentum. While you are searching for a big winning idea, you may be missing valuable small nuggets that might help you build a remarkable craft. Winners create a catchment for ideas. They catch all ideas without measuring the impact of the same or classification into big or small when they are found.

Routinely reviewing ideas and harvesting based on the available bandwidth but in-line with the overall progress path helps them make use of the power of every idea, however small it is. Since every idea to improve performance, change experience and create value requires different competencies, winners create a pool of enthusiasts to pick-up what they can deliver and allow them to create small wins. Allowing input, selection, and execution responsibilities with many people make the journey of change democratic.

Democratizing innovation helps improve engagement, effectiveness due to closer feedback cycles and builds a performing company. Changing for good becomes a culture. Culture, the shared value of the corporation makes it easy to embark big transformation, mostly ahead of time.

Build the culture by participating and allowing participation. Small wins build the foundation for a big transformation. Make use of democratisation of innovation to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy market defining leadership.

be a #dreamerdoer