Visualisation is half the problem solved

Intrapreneurs seem to work at a pace that makes them out-of-synch with the rest of the crowd. While describing the problem worth solving or explaining the best way of solving the same, you might tend to believe that everyone knows what you are saying and are with you fully. During the process, you might miss some key back-ground info, important data-points and even the relevance of the problem-solution set from market point of view.

Visual representation of the problem and the compelling solution you have found, helps you and everyone else to follow you. This is one of the foundational skills required for any intrapreneur.

Graphics condense text, clarify relationships, and highlight patterns. They allow you to show your understanding of data to the reader in a clear and concise way. Make it work for you.

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Power of small ideas as catalyst for a big transformation

Transformation is a pursuit of many corporations. The reason may be the business necessity, change in business environment, technology disruption or new and innovative players. Changing permanently from the current state to an irreversible and unknown state is not easy. Many seek external hand-holding. A few will leave it to time. Some focus on customer push. Irrespective of the method, they tend to postpone or dodge. But winners in the market embrace change routinely. More head-on than the rest. How do they do it?

Transformation can be achieved through a series of irreversible changes progressively feeding to the next step to keep the momentum. While you are searching for a big winning idea, you may be missing valuable small nuggets that might help you build a remarkable craft. Winners create a catchment for ideas. They catch all ideas without measuring the impact of the same or classification into big or small when they are found.

Routinely reviewing ideas and harvesting based on the available bandwidth but in-line with the overall progress path helps them make use of the power of every idea, however small it is. Since every idea to improve performance, change experience and create value requires different competencies, winners create a pool of enthusiasts to pick-up what they can deliver and allow them to create small wins. Allowing input, selection, and execution responsibilities with many people make the journey of change democratic.

Democratizing innovation helps improve engagement, effectiveness due to closer feedback cycles and builds a performing company. Changing for good becomes a culture. Culture, the shared value of the corporation makes it easy to embark big transformation, mostly ahead of time.

Build the culture by participating and allowing participation. Small wins build the foundation for a big transformation. Make use of democratisation of innovation to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy market defining leadership.

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Obstacles are opportunities to find better solutions

You make a promise. Make every possible attempt to keep it. During the course, you might encounter obstacles, additional or unanticipated problems. When we face issues we are not ready for, it is natural to feel dejected. When the pressure of keeping the promise builds more than you can handle, it becomes tougher. You might say “if only, this had not happened life would’ve been so good.”

Life is all about obstacles. There’s no path that’s free of roadblocks/ obstacles. Our job is to navigate through them and stay on course. You learn the tricks as you pass one obstacle after the other. Let the drive to keep the promise make you smart and help you find intelligent ways to circumvent well. That’s how you find new solutions that make your toolbox a bit more richer by the day. If you quit in the midway, you miss the opportunity to find new ways and new solutions.

Find a coach, a mentor who can guide you to navigate well. Read books. Follow sports, sportspersons. Keep a journal. Build courage to stay on course and make obstacles – opportunities to discover new possibilities. Make them remarkable!

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Perform where it counts the most

While at work, remember that it is your public-performance. If you are an artist-in-demand, people pay and come to watch your performance. At work, you are paid to perform and people watch you and your work. So, you are in-demand. But, unlike performance on stage where people are focused on you and your work, here they are equally busy with themselves and their work. When people are engrossed in their own ways, it is hard for them to notice how well you are performing – unless it matters to their work/life! Like the Joshua Bell’s experiment, there are many to prove that people’s attention and your performance have little correlation otherwise.

Choose a platform where you are challenged to perform better than your best. Work on items that matter most to people around you. You will grow and your mastery over the craft of building remarkable things. Picking a company, a project or an idea, just for the sake of it has little impact on you and to those who you intend to target.

Perform where it counts the most – to stay on top of your game, always.

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