Making yourself tick, every time

Have you wondered what makes that not-so-intelligent colleague of yours tick better than you in every meeting? College grades and medals count till you enter a workforce. What counts later is what you consistently promise and deliver.

Taking initiatives and volunteering on tasks that might sound a bit not-in-my-job-role, will make you know the dynamics of the organisation beyond the routine task-output-outcome relationships. Also, helps you know colleagues, bosses and change makers in the organisation as individuals. Moreover, helps you identify latent needs of the organisation where you can add more value than a task-delivery.

Spend 10% of your time at work for things that matter to people around you and to unearth golden-nuggets that can shape the future of you and the company. This makes you tick, every time!

be a #dreamerdoer

Best strategy for being the best at what you do

Being-the-best at whatever you choose to do is the most important commitment to keep. Alternative choice helps none. You may say, I did not choose this job/task. It was assigned to me. The fact that you accepted the task, makes it your choice. Be the best at it. People measure you through the output/outcome of the task. Not the task itself.

Being closer to the field of work – knowing the best people,  customers and their needs is the first step. Being relevant in the field of work – for the people, customers and their pressing problems/priorities through your services/solutions takes you further.

Being significant contributor in the field of work – for the people, customers and their changing priorities makes you the best.
Best strategy for being the best at what you do is – be closer, stay relevant and be a significant contributor. Start Now. Map your ecosystem of people, customers and their needs. Head-out and build your route.

be a #dreamerdoer

Don’t judge people by their questions

Don’t judge people by the questions they ask. They might be just waiting to judge you by the answer you give!

In work situations, it is common for people around you to ask questions. They have become a means of starting a conversation. Many times they also act as elements of continuous appraisal. Irrespective of the situation and outcome, it is important to focus on the question than going by who is asking it.

You might be doing the other way. Depending on who is asking the question, same question gets answered differently. That’s where the performance gap creeps in and widens the path to progress. Focus on your performance. Leave the outcome and outputs to become measures of what you accomplish. Don’t judge. Just Perform!

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Best idea to pursue as an Entrepreneur in residence

Best idea to pursue as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence should be the one fit-for-the-purpose. Purpose has three dimensions of fitment. Fit with the company. Fit with the market and of course, fit with intrapreneur’s needs.

Ideas without any of this will be like an open-bottom-pyramid. Difficult to sustain and mostly will fail the test-of-time. Find and pursue the business idea that is bounded. Test fitment early enough. Invest your reputation, expertise and energy on those ideas that have a greater fit in all dimensions. You will get priority support, time and mind-share to build something remarkable!

be a #dreamerdoer