Power of relationships

Relationship management is considered one of the most important abilities to succeed at work. Everyone has their own definition of relationship management and how good they are at it. Salespeople rate this as the most important lever for their success. HR personnel believes that this helps the organization to succeed in all counts and at all times.

Relationship management is all about knowing more people and letting more people know you in a positive way. This is not necessarily easy for extroverts over introverts. In the context of relationship building, you can not push your ideas around, say yes to everything or bend backward irrespective of the appropriateness. It is all about letting them know you in a positive way. It is about your craft, your work and how it is useful to one who may need it. When people know you in a positive way and like you, they will give you ideas, and open doors for you and your craft. If you relate to them well socially, but they cannot relate to your craft, product/solution, you have no deal or lead to a deal. Make sure that you use the power of relationship to help you make your craft and yourself remarkable.

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Power of small and continuous improvements

Power of small and continuous improvements is much higher than a sudden, surgical transformation. It is natural. It is sustainable. Any ill effect can be rectified quickly. Reversal is cheaper. Starting all over isn’t much difficult. When allowed and practiced over a period of time, resulting transformation seems magical.

Be it improving your walking pace, writing speed, workouts, team meeting effectiveness, line precision, anything that routinely matters can be transformed to its best performance level. Identify those small and regular activities that require improvement and be at it continuously in small portions that matter. To reach the 10000 step-a-day benchmark from your current 2000 mark, 20 additional steps everyday is a good plan. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain momentum, reach the mark and maintain. Same is true with everything you work with.

In the quest of huge transformations, do not ignore continuous improvements. They form the basis for sustainable long journey. Keeping tools sharpened and staying relevant is essential for every intrapreneur/ entrepreneur. Make the best use of the power of small and continuous improvements.

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Criticism is not failure

It is natural to feel low when faced with sudden criticism. When your proposal, idea, initiative is analysed for rejection, there will be enough points to unearth. Likewise when analysed for rejection. People around you expecting to see you succeed or fail, both may use criticism as a method to give you feedback.

Note that criticism is not failure. It is a method of feedback. System designers tell you that negative feedback is essential for it’s stability and performance. Same is true with criticism. See how it helps you to use a different lens while building your craft. Instead of confronting, see how to read-it-through and use it as a raw material for making your craft remarkable. Don’t stop fearing criticism. Be ready for it. It helps you in the journey.

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Feeling and making others feel important is essential for success

You work with people. All the time, the major contribution to your success comes from the people you work with. It is thus important that you make the right choice of people you work with, work for. Irrespective of the role they play, if you are associated in a day-to-day basis, people have an important contribution to make. It can be the driver of your cab, lift-operator at work, the receptionist at the front office, your boss, peers, friends and your customer, leave alone parents and loved ones at home. Everyone has a major contribution towards how you feel and perform, every day.

When you feel important, you feel charged and perform higher than normal. Likewise, when you make others feel important, they perform higher than their normal. When people around you notice how genuinely you make them feel important, they develop an affinity towards best performance just enough to make you successful. It is a chain reaction. A positive one. When everyone around is performing at their best to make you perform at your best, the craft you build becomes remarkable.

Make sure that you respect and engage with everyone around you. Make them feel important. You will become important to them. This makes you maintain the same feeling within and succeed routinely.

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