Finding and Killing de-motivators is also essential for success

Whatever mechanisms you use to motivate yourself and your teams, there are underlying demotivates at play. Finding and killing de-motivators at work is as essential as that of creating motivational reinforcements.

De-motivators come in a variety of forms. They are very specific to the company you keep. But there are a few that are common. They only shape and scale depending on the fertile nature of ground you provide.

Major de-motivators come in the form of Politics, Unclear Roles & Expectations, Unwritten and avoidable rules, the poor design of work and measures of work, Avoidable meetings, Poor or lack of follow-up and follow-throughs. Continuous organizational changes, Secretive-ways-of-working, Tolerating poor performance, management invisibility, excessive control mechanisms and Capacity underutilization – free and unoccupied minds at work.

Watch which of these are at play. Find the sources of these de-motivators and eliminate them completely and gracefully. Every small motivational reinforcement then works very effectively. Business thrives and the craft becomes remarkable.

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