How to find a friend at work

Social Networks and digital tools claim to help you find a friend. Many times those you left association longtime in the past. Friendship seems like a time-based phenomenon. Depending on the situation, opportunity and place, the chances of developing or leaving a relationship shapes up. We have a tendency of calling anyone we meet more than three times, a friend. At work, you meet a lot of people, quite a number of times. So, everyone around is a friend? Hard to accept.

Finding a friend and being one at work, is hard work. Though you are part of a team and expected to cooperate to deliver a common set of objectives, what prevails amongst peers is a competitive spirit. Because you will be judged for your performance and contribution. Performance appraisals and reward systems based on relative contribution might make it tougher for you to find and be one good friend. There are chances of a team winning and individuals failing. The other way is also possible. Great individuals not-necessarily make a good team. You call your peers as colleagues and members of the team – teammates, not friends.

Friends are those you can depend on – for your betterment. Not associates for water-cooler-talks. Friends are associates who you can learn from. When your acquaintances become your subtle teachers, they turn out to be good friends. People who understand you as an individual and respect for what you are and how you are, qualify to be your friends. What draws us to others, ordinarily, is our own interest. When the interest earns mutual respect, friendship prevails the test of time. Friendship at work should not be a nexus. It should be a bridge to better and sustained performance. When your peers and teammates turn into friends, chances of a freewheeling relationship is very high. Nurture quality relationships that make you feel good and deliver higher performance. Friends take you places! Find and keep good friends by being one.

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