Making and keeping promises is an essential element for being effective at work

At work, either you are a CEO or work for one. In both cases, you deal with people. Human relationship stems around promises. It can be a routine task of a project where your output influences another’s work and final outcome or your commitment of sales targets. It’s a promise. It influences several chain reactions. Mostly, irreversible.

Every time you keep the promise, organisation moves ahead. Every time you meet and exceed the promise, your company accelerates further towards excellence. Folks who hesitate to make promises, quite often are hesitant in keeping as well. If they do it for three times in a row, it might become a trend. A dangerous one.

When you make and keep promises routinely, it scales your game. Builds confidence – leading to competence and the flow that is an essential element for being effective at work. Be brave. Make and keep promises.

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