Setting and resetting expectations

When you start something, you are setting expectations with people around you. Your performance history plays its role. It might create anxiety or curiosity. Expectations stem out of imagination. It is easy to imagine something as perfect, and difficult to achieve it. Imagination coupled with desire, raises expectations beyond limits of realisation. Reality always fails to catch up with imagination.

Good beginnings serve to awaken curiosity, not anxiety. When you notice anxiety with your starting of new idea / business or a new initiative, make it a point to listen and reset expectations to measurable levels. Focus to bring down the anxiety. Especially if that is with your sponsors and supporters. If you notice a lot of curiosity, listen and set expectations right, and to manageable levels. You are better off when reality exceeds expectations and things turn out better than you thought it would. When you fail to deliver as expected, those who were curious feel disappointed, the imagination feels cheated. But those who were anxious, feel relieved. What was felt disastrous comes to seem tolerable.

Make it a practice to quickly assess and set/reset expectations, as quick as you can.

be a #dreamerdoer

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