Speed is the lever of high-performance

We are in the era of now. Instant gratification is the mantra. Trends are previous generation items. Real-time insight into what’s happening is the requirement. Foresight into what we may expect is even better. Products, markets and customer behaviors are evolving faster than ever. Are you keeping up? Is your organizational clock ticking fast enough to be in synch?

Speed is the name of the game. If you are building a new product/ solution based on the trend analysis and market understanding, your release cycles should be in-line with market dynamics. The whole world seems moving faster than before. If you try to move faster than the market, you either be a leader or a loner. If you feel that everything is under control, you may not be moving fast enough.

In order to succeed in the game of speed, you should design your pursuit into a series of experiments – that have clear goals and shorter cycles. Time and money boxing is a good practice. Short, logical cycles provide quicker feedback too. Continuous feedback fed well, creates a sustainable system. Given the rate of competition in every field of work, a faster scaling helps capture the market early and for a good amount of time.

Even in established markets, newer product/solutions, require speed as a key lever to penetrate and build. Speed in every aspect – design, development, testing, deployment decides how fast your product/solution is accelerated to profitable growth.

Find and instill innovative solutions to the question – how quick can we ship? Challenge shipping a great product in the quickest time possible. Those who deliver faster have an opportunity to correct faster or quit faster if the idea is not catching-up momentum. Speed is the great lever for ensuring high-performance at work.

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