Three things important for building a great team in a short time

Teams are the way current generation companies organise for performance. Operational efficiencies and reusability needs of skills & experiences make it difficult for members to remain in the same team for a longtime. Knowing each other and performing well in cohesion becomes a challenging act. You need to adopt techniques that help in building a great team within a short time. Three key things that help in the process are – democratic ways-of-working, outcome based relationships, bound by time & money boxing method of planning.

Democratic ways-of-working where as a team you define the goals, controls and rules/systems helps in building active participation and transparency. This helps in creating active ownership and the necessary fabric of trust, dependency. Make this the first task of the team. People will get to know each other well and feel at home quickly.

Outcome based relationships eliminate the barriers of hierarchy. Contributions overrule the roles and business titles that might create inefficiency. People will focus on their performance and bring their best. Being in the self-designed system of working, members fill in for each other’s gaps and team wins.

When you bind this team with time and money boxing method of planning, you build intensity and avoid unnecessary delays, arguments and detours. Experimentation with a focus to find quick and better alternatives prevails. Every output/ outcome finds rightful use. Team moves in cohesion towards their set goal. You build a remarkable team and the craft!

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