Working your way joyfully to be at your best

Work should bring the joy in your life. For that, you should work joyfully. Anyone who isn’t earning money and making progress joyfully is at stress. Some of the working principles of working your way joyfully include the following.

Eliminate minimum return activities from your to-do-list. Learn to develop, outsource and make-use-of-resources at your disposal. Keeping too many housekeeping activities takes away time, energy and opportunity to work on what matters the most.

Upgrade the value of your time. What you create determines your value. Instead of working on tasks just to complete and move on, find what is the best way of doing it. Make it very useful for the next guy or the consumer. Let there be zero rework for you and others. Let it be clear and simple so that you don’t have to spend more time explaining or correcting it. Upgrade the value of your job. This upgrades the value of your time. You get the flow and the joy flows.

Learn to bring yourself in full. Don’t send your virtual twin to work. You can control your thoughts and emotions when you bring yourself in full. Use the right tools, understand the processes that make your work help others without your further intervention and for you to progress further. Always take action in the present moment. When you send your twin, there’ll be delays and postponement of action.

be a #dreamerdoer

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