Changing the way to retain the edge

Changing the way to change the results is a known fact. This is important when you are not able to get the intended result. Once you find a way to achieve the result, it is a tendency to keep the method unchanged. Philosophy of don’t touch the one that’s not broken. But how do you know the method you are using is the best unless you try other options?

Creative people keep changing the way they achieve outcomes. You can try this too. This keeps you challenged and truly gets the best out of you. This might confuse people, especially your rivals, and awaken their curiosity and attention. If you play or follow a sport, you will understand the power of changing the way to get results in a competitive environment. A business you build has competition. The way you build, deliver and maintain your craft matters the most in creating that winning differential. You will discover hidden nuggets and effective methods which helps you and your customer. Start small and play well. Once you bring the courage to work, confidence comes naturally. You anyway have the backup of a working method!

Keep changing your style of doing things. It adds multiple dimensions to your personality and supports building remarkable things.

be a #dreamedoer

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