Experiments without any goal or a method is some random time spent. If time is the currency, then you burnt it. There’s no way to bring back what is burnt. So, is the spent time. But even if you don’t spend it, time gets burnt. There’s no way to store it, share it. That’s what makes it unique. There’s nothing like it in the world. You can associate an opportunity cost if you wish. The opportunity and its value you missed and can’t get it back. It will only makes you feel bad, a little more.

Experiments do cost money. Another important resource. If you lose it, there’s a chance of getting it back. Of course, by spending a lot more time and effort. Which could have funded other meaningful projects. Effort, or energy in specific, is burnt along-with time and money for any experiment you carry out. Again, getting it back requires more time, money and effort! So, it is prudent to follow a method to experiment.

A method that proves or disproves the hypothesis you wish to test. That is the experiment. First frame the hypothesis, fix it’s boundaries and choose a method to test. Observe, analyse and interpret the results. That entire act qualifies as a valid experiment. Observations of the process, dependencies and results teach a lot more on the subject. It is also powerful learning – as you prepared, conducted and saw the act, yourself.

Experiments do help in avoiding larger embarrassments at a later stage. The risk you have taken to carryout the experiment makes you courageous. Experiment is curiosity put to action. That builds confidence. Confidence is critical to success. So, experiments might pave a path to success.

Small experiments build a basis for larger ones to follow. Break complex hypothesis into small and meaningful ones. Generalisation do not help in specific understanding. As small and specific you get, the results will be solid to take you right on the journey. Favour the small. Plan, do, check, act and learn. Manage your time and energy.

Build a portfolio of small nuggets through regular experiments. Use them as you might like in the course of your journey of life, business or profession. Failure to experiment is akin to failure to live life in full.

Remember, Experiment is curiosity put to action!

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