First Conditioning

Goal orientation is the first conditioning.

Everyone loves creating a set of them. Irrespective of the need or rationale, that becomes a ritual. There are experts and templates available. Millions of books and articles too. Since we hate rituals but follow anyway, goals run into pages we may read once in a year, just before the appraisal. Make it fun and motivating. Let it bind everyone in the team look forward and march ahead. Let there be room for individual creativity and pride. Passion follows and so is the result.

Keeping one meaningful goal in order to stay focused and channel every available resource towards realising that, is simple. A list is mostly a source of distraction. Better is to paint the rough picture of tomorrow you wish to achieve instead of stating just the goal. Visualisation helps in thinking and collaboration. 

Three immediate and logical steps to reach the goal is useful. A list of mini-outcomes within a short timeframe is much better than just steps. Success with these outcomes accelerates the push towards the goal. Failure with these accelerates learning to make it happen. Either way, we move forward. Make it weekly for better results. 

As we discover and fix the pieces of the puzzle – the picture of tomorrow inches towards reality. Easy to see, act, show and tell. Gets everyone on board and keeps the bus on track! 

Isn’t that the purpose of setting and living the goal?

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