Second Conditioning

Vision exercise is the second conditioning. 

Annual strategy workshop is a must. We build a SWOT. Add a look-back and accomplishment chart. Sometimes we include a snapshot of what-went-well and what-didn’t. Top-down trickle of corporate goals are stated. Strategic themes for next mid-decade are announced. You are allowed to define your strategy relevant to your business and expected to align well with corporate goals and themes. 

Nothing wrong with it. As long as you are not a cost-centre. Most teams and business units within local teams of large companies are created for convenience of delivery management. Not necessarily for revenue growth. In such cases, strategy-vision-mission exercises may become an overkill. 

Define and live your “Mantra”, instead. Let it tell why your team is existing. What and how you live. Let it guide every decision and action. Bind people and bring their passion to play. Measure results and outcomes through that lens. Obviously it’ll align with corporate objectives and themes. But, creates own identity and way-of-life. 

Try it out and witness the magic it builds. 

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