How to be compelling at work

Competence acquired through education and experience is a critical attribute required at work. Though competence provides the lever, Strength gets things done. People who project strength, command attention from those around them. Grudgingly or gladly, people respect those who project strength. It is not easy to miss noticing them in public.

Leadership and strength are inseparable. Strong people are accepted as good leaders. Strength is essential for effective leadership. Strength is made of two key elements – competence to act and resourcefulness to get things done.

At work, you may be given the ability to command people to do things or hold them accountable if they refuse. This is a primary source of strength in this setting. It is often bestowed on people who have proven themselves competent in several occasions and especially during tough assignments. But if you use only the power of position to influence, you might be heard but not followed through. People find ways to convince you or avoid coming to you completely.

Resourcefulness, shrewdness to get things done is the most critical ability you should focus on adding to the competence. This makes you stronger. What makes you resourceful at work is your social skills. Social Skills are not all about being charming. It is being assertive, keeping the focus on getting things done. How you articulate, your words, your voice, your body language and the diligence in making the team walk the talk, builds your social skills.

If you couple the power of position with respectful social skills, you become compelling at work. Most-sought-after-leader. Build social skills on top of your competence. You gain the strength people respect and help you build a remarkable craft.

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