How to get the team to move well through difficult times

Difficult times are common in large projects and long pursuits. The team that set out to achieve the set goals, might falter under pressure.  A key dependency or module going not as per plan can jeopardize entire program. Defects discovered through every-cycle of test can add more fuel to the boring issue. This is the time, you need a stronger bond with the team to wade through and deliver well.

Great leaders move us. They ignite passion and inspire to deliver the best even in tough times. Is it their strategy, vision or experience that helps them achieve this? Though this helps, the primary difference stems from the approach, how they do it. Great leaders connect with people, emotionally. Though they focus on the task at hand, they drive emotions of people in the right direction. Emotions play a significant role at work in ensuring remarkable results for all.

Keeping a large project and longer pursuits on-track require you to engage with the team emotionally and gracefully. You have to become part of the team in every respect. Followup and carry out all your actions to reinforce the value of responsiveness. Help those choking due to pressure with clearer / definitive work with less dependency. Discover heroes and support them to carry a little more load. Respond to queries, concerns, and suggestions through participative discussions weighed-in by the emotional intelligence. Emulate a war-leader. Lead with emotional intelligence. Your team will sail well and craft becomes remarkable.

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