How to learn from things that you already know

It is nearly impossible for people to learn what they think they already know. Once you feel you know everything about something, you’re done. If you open the possibilities of knowing another side of what you think you know, new perspectives show-up.

When you apply what you know, you experience. All valid knowledge comes through experience. When you think you know a subject, a trick or a way to get things done, try if it really works. Acquired knowledge through studies, other’s discovery and teachings, most of the time stay as surface coats. As with tough coats, they create a barrier to let new perspectives enter. This also makes them stale.

Try to learn from what you think you already know. The best way is to adopt them into your routine. Once you start using it routinely, the depth of what you know becomes visible. Gives you an opportunity to go deeper, add fresh perspectives and soon master the art. Imagine that your vessel-of-wisdom is always half-empty. Keep an open mind even with things you feel you are a master. Exploring further begins with an open mind. Your craft becomes remarkable.

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