How to sustain the momentum at work

When you head out for a long journey spanning days and several miles, you will need a lot of preparation – mentally and physically. You will first walk-through the path mentally and prepare for what you think is essential. Depending on your risk-appetite, you will make provisions for cash, supplies and mostly the number of stops along-the-way. You also know that there may be detoursand unanticipated surprises. If you make it a point to enjoy the journey, you welcome the surprises, challenges and new acquaintances on the way. Career journey is no different.

It is easy to start anything. But to sustain the momentum, you need to keep your enthusiasm, intact. Anytime, you feel low or exhausted, chances of making mistakes and not-noticing important elements around becomes higher. There’s no fun in getting tiered in reaching the destination and not having the energy to enjoy being at that place. People who work very hard on a project, idea or business day-in-day-out, have this tendency of ignoring the journey and  being focused only on the destination.

Keeping the momentum at work, requires you to be enthusiastic about the journey, the idea or the project you are after. Caring about something you are involved with is the best way of developing the enthusiasm required. When you care about something, your involvement in the journey increases.

When you care about the outcome of the work you are involved in, the bigger picture becomes clearer and the overall goal seems to be in the vicinity. Create milestones in your project/ idea realisation/ business building to help you guide through the journey. While you drive, every time a milestone tells you how close you are to the destination, your enthusiasm to complete the remaining part of the journey increases. You will sustain the momentum…

Be enthusiastic and care about what you do at work, to sustain the momentum.

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