Idea fatigue

When you are tired of finding the next big and best idea that should change your company and the world, how do you approach?

Idea fatigue is a normal problem with those who would like to innovate for the sake of innovation. Also, when you are in a hurry to hit the big ticket idea, everything around you seems going against you. To avoid idea fatigue,

  • Practice ideation as a fun-filled-activity.
  • Observe with curiosity. Suspend judgement while observing. Make notes of observation. 
  • Keep a defined schedule to review the notes of observation.
  • Formulate your hypothesis.
  • Test your idea with your friends and peers you trust. 
  • Build a prototype and evaluate. 
  • Keep a list of validated ideas ready for use.

When tasked with finding the next big idea, you are ready with a few. Ideas may not show up accidentally. But you can discover useful ones through continued curiosity.

be a #dreamerdoer

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