Making the most of multiple conflicting priorities

When you are busy building your craft at work, there are always multiple demands showing up regularly. If you’re building an Enterprise, there will be more conflicts on your time and money axes. How you manage these multiple conflicting priorities effectively, decides the rate of your progress.

Beyond typical time management skills, you will need energy management capability. Since only a few tasks can be done in parallel and very few to be delegated as these are critical ones needing your attention, you have to devise an effective energy management technique.

All of us have peaks and valleys in our energy levels in a given day. Some tasks are better done before others show-up or after everyone leave the workplace. And some take little energy when all required people are available. If you divide the work based on when it is best to do, you will find surprising levels of efficiency across tasks on your plate.

It is also useful to set time, money and energy limits for each critical priority. When any two parameters hit their limit, suspend them logically and pick up the next one. This way, you will retain focus and momentum. Keep a journal to track how your energy levels move through the day. Make the best use of it in accomplishing management of multiple conflicting priorities. This, in turn, helps you make the most of multiple conflicting priorities.

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