How to stop underachieving at work

Most underachievers at work, are great performers playing short of their abilities. They have more energy than several achievers. They are sharp and quick in understanding what is required, mostly ahead of several folks in the team. They do volunteer to help a lot more people with their tasks and crafts. No task or ideas appear infeasible to them. The major issue with underachievers circles around sustaining their focus on what they start.

When you start several loops at a time and can’t focus on completing any, pressure builds up and you might succumb. Many underachievers feel they perform the best under pressure. They dodge completing actions. They confidently agree to work on their piece of work the next moment they get. Given the load of work they have agreed to complete and multiple loops open, they find ways to get-away as-far-as-possible. This becomes a trend, and a habit they can’t easily get-away-from. If they have the responsibility to lead a team, a business or a company, nothing moves without them and beyond them. They become the sluggish and inefficient moving part of the company.

To stop underachieving at work, it is important to identify and accept self-achievement boundaries. The easiest way is to maintain a small journal of promises and adopting continuous improvement approach. Many a time, for underachievers it becomes difficult to sustain this as well. A coach, mentor or a performance counselor will be of great help. Watch out for symptoms of procrastination, a defensive approach for dodging missed milestone/ promises and irritability as a standard fabric worn to work. Change these as quick as you notice and as powerfully as possible. The best way is to measure contributions from the views of peers and sponsors than your own. Then work towards filling the gap. Seek help shamelessly. Even a short course on managing-procrastination might be of great help. But, once you notice, take the step right-away.

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