Missing the flight, saving the fight

Life happens in its own way. We feel we are in control with what we hold in hand. Beyond a few gadgets we found as pals, what do we really have in our hands?When a pal reaches out to save him with his fight, do you catch his hand and miss a flight? 

You know there are over 60 folks waiting for your time over 1000 miles away. Getting him over to a hospital a few miles away becomes priority. There’s no doubt when it comes to the value of life over anything else in this world. All else can wait or find their own way. Your way to heart is just one-way. No conflict, no competition. 

Its no surprise that buildings have fire drills and evacuation procedures. There are audits and surprise checks too. Emissions and safety hazards are also tested frequently. Along the lines adding care facilities and emergency health services require serious attention in places like airports, railway and bus stations too. 

The ordeal of baggage, security checks and moving around to find boarding gates has its own toll on travellers. Anxiety and work stress can double the risk, however early you plan and travel. Elders with no support and binding silent / announcement-less airports add to the fury. Couple that with next flight struggles and associated impact, it is gruesome for many. It’s natural for a few to get bogged down by this pressure. Emergency care services on-site will be very useful and life-saving along with insurance made inclusive with the ticket. 

While beautification and upgrade of look & feel is progress. Real development is when we have inclusive growth at every step. We can’t follow the Masslow’s hierarchy of needs as a guideline. We can’t throw the bottom as we move forward. All steps of the pyramid are required every minute and in every flight. However small the facility, it should be built around the needs of the user. Not based on the priority of the sponsor. 

When you are building a product or service, let it be comprehensive for the user. Delete frills. Keep the core. Expand the core while you increase the scope. Profile the users and then test the core. Even one user is missed out, the product fails. A family travelling has all ages, utilities and needs to be fulfilled. When you do the survey, look for the unsatisfied frequent users. Don’t ignore them as a small percentage of anomaly. They are the pointers to your next core. A foundation on which you grow and sustain over a longtime. 

Make the product/service completely meaningful for a small tribe of full representation. Helps in making that remarkable for every user. The one in front is most important to cover all those who are not yet visible. If you imagine the mass and build something, it’s sure to turn out as an average product. If you make it valuable to those in front, it’ll remain a class one for all those like them. Build real solutions for real people. That’s the way to make your mark. 

Miss the flight, but save the fight!

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