Personal efficiency is directly proportional to busyness

Busy people at work are generally occupied with work. If they are productively busy, they are always with work and work is always with them. They are mostly willing to take more and more of it. Their capacity to work continuously expands. This capacity is driven from within. It is mostly the matter of mindset.

When you are focused on enough work on hand, chances of wasting time and energy on unrelated, unproductive work is very little. When you eagerly accept the opportunity to do more, completing things on hand gathers momentum and rate of output improves as well. Personal efficiency improves. Accepting greater responsibility on the job makes you stand out and shows you are valuable.

When you consciously focus on – how can I do more? Creative answers will come and you will find ways to do better planning, better organization of your present work and take intelligent short-cuts in your routine activities including dropping nonessential tasks altogether. You will end up doing more. When you also focus on – how can I do better? you will find answers and ways to do the same. Together, answers to these two questions help you become remarkable at work.

It is very convenient and effective to work with people who are busy. Because all the successful and competent people are busy. They don’t waste their time or yours. At the same time, working with people who seem to have all-the-time-in-the-world is very difficult. They will use all their time and yours too, unnecessarily and for too long.

Be productively busy. Keep the quest of finding ways to do more things and to do them better. Your personal efficiency improves and helps you build remarkable things.

be a #dreamerdoer

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