Continuous upgrades, a necessary hygiene

Everything, without exception, requires additional energy and order to maintain itself. Everything won’t last very long without attention and fixing and keeping in order. Existence is chiefly maintenance.

Look at the tech-world. Brand new phones will slow down over use. Apps weaken with use. Code corrodes. Fresh Release of Software will immediately begin to wear out. The more complex the thing, the more attention it will require. The assault of the changing digital landscape adds more complexity. The solution tech-world has been using for a very long time is upgrades. Upgrades help with providing the fix for known/reported issues, for new features/ functionalities/ performance improvements and so on… If you neglect ongoing minor upgrades, the change builds up so much that the eventual big upgrade reaches traumatic proportions. It might need a surgery to fix and get back to routine.

Continuous upgrades have become critical for systems and hence they are mostly automatic for a majority of functions. Tech-life is a series of endless upgrades. They result in changes, displacement and even complete deletion of features/ capabilities while adding so many new – features, performance, and capabilities. This makes you a newbie all the time! You need to explore, learn and adapt, continuously. If you embrace this as a routine at a personal level, it helps you keep up with the changes and be relevant to the dynamics at work. Continuously upgrade your skills, tools, and methods. It is a necessity – a hygiene to stay fit for work.

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