Power of relationships

Relationship management is considered one of the most important abilities to succeed at work. Everyone has their own definition of relationship management and how good they are at it. Salespeople rate this as the most important lever for their success. HR personnel believes that this helps the organization to succeed in all counts and at all times.

Relationship management is all about knowing more people and letting more people know you in a positive way. This is not necessarily easy for extroverts over introverts. In the context of relationship building, you can not push your ideas around, say yes to everything or bend backward irrespective of the appropriateness. It is all about letting them know you in a positive way. It is about your craft, your work and how it is useful to one who may need it. When people know you in a positive way and like you, they will give you ideas, and open doors for you and your craft. If you relate to them well socially, but they cannot relate to your craft, product/solution, you have no deal or lead to a deal. Make sure that you use the power of relationship to help you make your craft and yourself remarkable.

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