Power of small and continuous improvements

Power of small and continuous improvements is much higher than a sudden, surgical transformation. It is natural. It is sustainable. Any ill effect can be rectified quickly. Reversal is cheaper. Starting all over isn’t much difficult. When allowed and practiced over a period of time, resulting transformation seems magical.

Be it improving your walking pace, writing speed, workouts, team meeting effectiveness, line precision, anything that routinely matters can be transformed to its best performance level. Identify those small and regular activities that require improvement and be at it continuously in small portions that matter. To reach the 10000 step-a-day benchmark from your current 2000 mark, 20 additional steps everyday is a good plan. You’ll be surprised how quickly you gain momentum, reach the mark and maintain. Same is true with everything you work with.

In the quest of huge transformations, do not ignore continuous improvements. They form the basis for sustainable long journey. Keeping tools sharpened and staying relevant is essential for every intrapreneur/ entrepreneur. Make the best use of the power of small and continuous improvements.

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