Self-image is the first asset to build a remarkable craft

The image of your abilities, appearance, and personality in your own mind forms the self-image. It is the mental picture of who you are and what you can do. This is the reference-image that forms the basis of every other picture you draw – through words, actions, and relationships. How you perceive yourself is how you project yourself. A positive image takes you on accelerated growth/ success path.

5 steps to build a positive self-image
1. Know what you like about yourself – Stop criticising yourself for everything/ anything. Build on what you like about yourself. Believe in the strength of your strengths.
2. Know what you are comfortable with in wearing, reading and carrying around – Stop imitating. Start building your own portfolio of clothes, accessories, and tools. Be Yourself in every sense. Groom yourself as a winner.
3. Know what you like to do – Stop copying routines of others. Build your own. Make it a routine to test what you like to do. Check how it fits building your craft. Keep what works. Clean what adds a drag.
4. Know who you like to work with – Stop wasting building and keeping relationships that do not help you in your mission. Know what kind of people you like to work with – those who can supplement and complement your abilities in a respectful way. Work only with those who mutually respect and continuously improve.
5. Know how to deliver value – Stop suspecting the value of your work, yourself. Deliver something of value, every day. Make sure every interaction builds trust and adds value. Be valuable, always, as much as possible.

be a #dreamerdoer

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