Self-Regulation a necessary skill for high-performance

Self-Regulation is considered essential for emotional well-being. It is the ability to act in your long-term best interest, guided by your foundational values. It is your strength to calm your self down when you’re upset. It is the lever to cheer yourself up when you are down.

At work, when you are running a project, initiative or pursuing an idea, it is quite possible that others working with you may not scale up to your expectations. When you witness your team performing lower than their best, you feel let down. When they make mistakes that can easily be avoided, and put-up a bad show in an important meeting you feel emotionally upset. In the gloom that follows, you might find yourself tempted to do a lot of destructive things in anger.

When you have mastered self-regulation, you would choose a different approach. You will pick words carefully. You acknowledge the poor performance without rushing to any hasty decision. Analyse the contributors to the failure – persons, people, process and the consequences. You will then call your team and express your feelings about the incidence and present your analysis of the problem and a well-considered solution. Some may consider doing a root-cause-analysis as a team and take collective action. But regulating your behavior is much more important than the process of making inclusive decision-making and ownership of the problem & solution.

Self-regulation helps keep emotional well-being. Controls feelings and impulses – making you reasonable and capable to create a work environment that reduces possibilities of politics and infighting. This leads to high-performance. Self-regulation has an inductive effect. People around you will pick-it-up and help you build a remarkable team and the craft.

For an entrepreneur/intrapreneur, working with different people with own priorities and tastes, self-regulation is an essential skill to master. Since you will be tested for patience, tolerance, performance-gaps and mostly the pace-of-delivery, it is important you embrace self-regulation.

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