Craft the purpose of your work to work at your best

When you wish to hire someone for a job at work, you start with a job description. It is supposed to provide boundaries of the work one has to perform when hired for that job. Take a look at your own job description. It is mostly a long list of duties and expectations. It does not necessarily have anything specific to your company and the job you do there. A software engineer’s job description remains the same in any software company. A manager’s description will fit any company. So, is a CEO’s.

Mainly, you work with people. Every company has to work with people – in the form of customers, collaborators, associates, etc. But, hardly job-descriptions have anything or any mention of that part of work. A receptionist at a hospital has a very different challenge at work compared to the one at a Bank or a commercial enterprise. That is due to the people they have to work with and serve. People skills and orientation towards the true needs of the customers makes the true job-definition.

Though the list of duties for the job remains the same across industries/companies, why you excel in one than the other stems from why you work and why you work at that place. Find that purpose of your work. It reveals an important aspect of what makes you work at your best. A CEO of a healthcare company requires a very different people orientation compared to that of a software company. If you love seeing and working with people to help them get cured or get better at their health, you fit a healthcare company than that of a software company.

However, no job-description may exist for an Intrapreneur in your company. Neither you may have it as part of the list of duties in the current job’s description. That is something you love to be in any job or a company you work with. You have to craft this purpose. Note that an intrapreneur succeeds in a company that supports enterprising people. Else, you will be bombarded with barriers and constraints that might take a lot more from you than it’s worth. When you know this difference and associate yourself with where you belong, you will be landing in your dream job. You will work at your best! Your work and craft both become remarkable.

be a #dreamerdoer

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