What fuels effective decision making and problem solving?

Decision making and problem solving occupies significant portion of your time at work. Most customer facing team members believe that it is their full-time-job. Though, you might be responsible for the decision you take, the process of decision making and problem solving involves quite a few others. How well they perform and how timely they respond, decides the effectiveness of the decision and the problem-solution.

Both involve analysis-synthesis-evaluation cycles to identify an effective path-forward via triangulation of options. This requires analytical skills – one that individuals are trained to do, creative intelligence – one that evolves over time and timely application of knowledge & experience in a creative manner. Creativity plays a significant role in the entire process and effectiveness of the result.

Creativity is like a delicate flower that blooms with praise and discouragement often nibs it in the bud. Remember how well you feel and produce better ideas, when your efforts are appreciated. Do the same. Appreciation of efforts fuels better and more ideas from all involved, to help decide well and identify solutions that effectively solve the problem, mostly in record time!

be a #dreamerdoer

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