Perform where it counts the most

While at work, remember that it is your public-performance. If you are an artist-in-demand, people pay and come to watch your performance. At work, you are paid to perform and people watch you and your work. So, you are in-demand. But, unlike performance on stage where people are focused on you and your work, here they are equally busy with themselves and their work. When people are engrossed in their own ways, it is hard for them to notice how well you are performing – unless it matters to their work/life! Like the Joshua Bell’s experiment, there are many to prove that people’s attention and your performance have little correlation otherwise.

Choose a platform where you are challenged to perform better than your best. Work on items that matter most to people around you. You will grow and your mastery over the craft of building remarkable things. Picking a company, a project or an idea, just for the sake of it has little impact on you and to those who you intend to target.

Perform where it counts the most – to stay on top of your game, always.

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