What are your non-negotiables at wok

You spend most of your active days at work. You spend most of the time with people. In this busyness, your non-negotiables define the boundary of your character. These are the values you do not compromise with for anything. Most of the time you may not record and review them. Once you do, they start acting as guiding compass at work. Try and list them today. Review and follow them regularly.

While you list and explore, consider a few simple elements like – respect, compassion, inclusion, and so on. Keeping them at this level might not help. Convert them to actions you can routinely take and follow. E.g: If you value respect, greet people authentically and say hello – to everyone you pass by. Whether or not you know their name, don’t walk by as if they don’t exist. If you value compassion, create a sense of safety for yourself and your team so that all can work for the common good and shared success. If you value inclusion, make sure that you listen more than you talk. Let everyone in the room, team and you meet, share their views and participate.

When you take these actions in a non-negotiable way, you will become visible, accessible and a person acknowledging people – a vital characteristic of a participatory leader, an Entrepreneur/ Intrapreneur. This helps you build a remarkable team, business and the craft speaks for itself. Embrace your non-negotiables and let them lead you at all times.

be a #dreamerdoer.

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