Dealing with difficult people is an essential skill

Dealing with people is what you do at work, most of the time. They come in different shapes and forms. They come with their own views of their life and yours as well. Dealing with them effectively, ensures that you are on-track with your mission. Some people are difficult-to-deal-with. Irrespective of the role they play at work, they definitely have an influence over how you work, sometime on what you work with. Learning to deal with difficult people is an essential skill.

Difficult people are predictable people. They are not just difficult with you. They are into themselves and are difficult with everyone. Study them. You will notice that they are stuck in their ways. All you have to do is manoeuvre. You have to use your brains with them a lot, more than emotions.

If you encounter that nit-picker, give them enough detail. Be factual. If you see the other person as abrupt/ impatient, get straight to the point – kill the story. If the guy is full of ego, tell them how good they are from your idea/solution point of view. Strategy is Simple. You won’t be able to change them. Just focus on your outcome through the encounter and manoeuvre. Imagine being on the line-of-fire. Sidestepping is a good thing.
Focus on your craft. Keep your brains active and emotions at rest.
Be cautious in not letting difficult-people get under your skin. When you encounter too-many of them and too-often, they have a greater influence on you. Guard yourself from being one-difficult-person to deal-with.

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