What determines how much you’re worth?

Excelling at work comes naturally to a few folks. They appear at the top of high-potential-talent-list. They get considered for the most important and challenging jobs at the company. Their projects and ideas get the best-sponsor-support and of course, best results too. They are considered and treated as the-most-worthy. How does this happen? What determines how much you’re worth at work?

Value you add to things –  tasks you work-on, artefacts you build – your craft – irrespective of how small or important it is. It reaches all people-in-the-chain, and of course, the customer, the user and beneficiaries. It has the most latent reach both in distance and time you can imagine. Valuable articles are kept well, used well and distributed well! Your work-product becomes your signature at work!

Value you add to people – those who work with you, those who work for you, your bosses and the customers, users. Every interaction with individuals should be a value-adding-experience to remember. Keeping it short, sweet and focused makes it highly-valuable. How you learn, share the learning and genuinely help others excel in their jobs and goals, makes you more valuable. They in turn, add value to your career.

Value you add to yourself – the skills you learn and use, the subjects you master, the promises you make and keep to yourself and that big-smile you carry on your face all the time – makes you more valuable for yourself. When you realise the self-worth and its impact on you, the people and the things, you get to the flow-of-performance. A freewheeling effect prevails. This takes you places.

Practice adding value to things, people and yourself. This determines how much you’re worth, at any point of time.

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