It takes good practice to be the best at career athletics

Look at athletes and sportsmen/ women. They start early in life to train, compete and participate in events that lead them to a fulfilling career. It takes a lot of work and a series of small sacrifices to become good at what they choose. Being best at work is no different. The field you choose and the work you do, presents similar set of challenges and opportunities like that for an athlete on a track or field. The difference is how an athlete goes about building the career and the way people do while working at their company.

Finding and pursuing dream jobs require the career athleticism and perseverance like that of making it to olympics. You should be in the greatest shape and fitness to win. So, start early, practice hard and stay fit. Participate in small, but meaningful initiatives to start-with. But continue to compete and contribute in challenging tasks that impact the business the most. Choose a mentor/coach. Train regularly and build new skills and techniques that help you stay at the peak of performance. Like sports, you might miss some and win some. But stay fit and compete well. Play remarkably.

be a #dreamerdoer

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