How to cultivate creative thinking

Creative thinking is all about figuring out new and improved ways to do anything. Rewards of success at home, at work and in the community hinge on finding ways to do things better. Creative thinking come-to-light when constrained with key resources required to achieve/ realize the single-most-important desire.

At the core of creative thinking, your belief system plays a significant role. If you believe strongly and associate yourself with the same, the work you do becomes beyond being just a job-to-do. This is what makes people go out and do anything for their loved ones. Look at how the first generation of professionals is made from poor families. Or how people from tough families pursue their dreams of being financially independent. Irrespective of the education, experience and the environment, creative thinking works its magic to learn, adapt and change the entire landscape.

In order to cultivate creative thinking, you have to become receptive to ideas. Ideas from all sources – cross-functional teams, top companies from other industry segments and the newcomers/ start-ups. Secondly, You should actively pursue doing – experimentation of the prioritized list of ideas relentlessly. Thirdly, focus always on progress – moving ahead at least a single step in the direction of your desire. When you routinely do these, creative thinking becomes your nature. Experiments teach you how to become a master at finding and pursuing new and improved ways of working with the constrained resources and the context that matters the most.

Cultivate creative thinking. It helps at work and at all times through the journey of life.

be a #dreamerdoer

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