There is always more than one way of doing anything

We all know that there is always more than one way of doing anything. In fact, if you have a team working on a problem, there might be at least the number of ways matches the number of people in the team. At the same time, there is no one best way to do anything. Just look at how many ways you can organize things around you to make it truly pleasing. The same goes for studying a subject, cooking your favorite food, fixing a bug, making a presentation and so on. The effective one depends on how it is executed and in what context.

When you start building a business, a product or a solution, explore at least five different ways. Never stop at the first bright-spot. It might so happen that the first one may be the best one unless you are really ignoring it completely while exploring the next one. Don’t let the bias take you over. Find compelling and totally different ways coming from all your team members.

Irrespective of whether these different ways and ideas are sound or practical, record and review them. Many of these ideas might get dropped till someone sees-through the value or you get roadblocks with the one you are pursuing. Compelling design options will help you simulate your business and craft well ahead of spending too much of money, time and energy. They, in turn, help you accelerate product success and make the craft remarkable.

Successful entrepreneurs experiment a variety of ways till they find what clicks. Building a new venture is like running a marathon. Don’t stop at the first roadblock or slip. Find ways to run-well and complete the race.

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