Micro-contributions are the value levers in digital organisations

Digital organizations are the current generation of transformations at work. In these organizations, people and things are connected. They communicate via a decentralized, highly distributed infrastructure intricately woven into every aspect of their lives. With distributed infrastructure, you are increasingly eliminating standard framework of communications, social and economic landscapes. Communications amongst people today is more diversified, more emergent and often unpredictable. In this distributed work environment, small bits of work – micro-contributions coming from many people, mostly unconnected to the hierarchy of the organization is at the core of the next wave of value creation.

With the reduction of the distance between creation and consumption, decision making and collaboration is turning into dynamic and inclusive. People do like to explore newer pastures of work and showcase their interest and talent to a larger group of people than just their bosses and peers.

Creating platforms to harvest micro-contributions from a larger set of people on a volunteer basis helps in building the nest of opportunities and ready-to-use solutions – a true social wealth. Look at how current digital natives like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Flickr, Instagram and the others have created social wealth – for themselves and others. They couldn’t exist without our content, our unpaid, fun, and labor. It is we who create everything they are valued highly for. Without making these daily contributions, none of these platforms could exist, let alone thrive. Likewise, if you let people at work, including partners, customers, and external collaborators become micro-contributors to shaping your craft, the unbelievable and remarkable craft will emerge.

It is essential for every current generation entrepreneur and intrapreneur to learn the skill of harvesting micro-contributions from a large set of people to build their venture and a remarkable craft. Explore, design well and implement a catchment for micro-contributions.

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