The obstacle in the path way may pave the way

When you set-out to pursue something seriously, you might encounter some obstacles. That may be an anticipated problem, the realization of a known risk, dependency on which you have no control or influence; a sudden change of government policy and so on. Obstacles reduce your momentum and hence the progress. What do you do when you are facing obstacles denotes how strong a performer you are.

There’s always a way when you are focused on your goal. Obstacles may present opportunities to learn newer tricks and make-use of levers hitherto not used, to stay on-the-course. Entrepreneurs believe – Things that hurt, will instruct. You will need an approach to overcoming obstacles and thriving amid chaos more than ever. Obstacles are not only be expected but embraced.

Three factors play a significant role in dealing with obstacles: Perception, Action, and Perseverance. Perception of what is an obstacle and what is an opportunity is the prime-mover trigger for you to deal with obstacles. When encountered, think objectively. Think differently. Think from all other angles hitherto not explored. Change your perspective. Analyse quickly the pros-cons of the choices. Pick the one you can quickly implement. Speed is the key. Then Act. Action leads you to the next step or next choice. Either way, you develop a better understanding of the obstacle and opportunity associated with it. It is like hitting a solid rock while trying to construct a building’s foundation. You have multiple choices – to use the rock as the foundation and change the structural design to benefit, to harvest the rock for building or selling – turning it into a useful resource, an additional source of money and so on. What drives you further when the action you took is not eliminating the obstacle is the discipline of persistence. If you are focused on your goal than complaining about the obstacle or your fate or something else, you will try another way-out. Obstacles turn you into an explorer. The pursuit will get filled-in with side and by-products. Embrace it and move forward.

When you find an obstacle while solving a serious business problem, maybe you encountered the right problem to solve. One that’s worth solving for others as well. That’s how new opportunities get formed.

As the zen saying goes – “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve your condition.”

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