Reinvention is a necessary rule for playing at your best

Reinvention is not a favored action in several established firms. The enterprises grow through an evolutionary model. When you are part of a startup, you are touched by everyone’s energy. You volunteer and assume responsibilities based purely on the result the company should achieve. Processes are dynamic. Procedures are defined every time you find a need. Every project is a chaotic learning experience. Working all through weeks and days is common. Your role definition is not based on the business title you carry. Everyone is busy, happy and feel progressing further with every micro-yes got, for the craft your are building.

Once you find a working chord with the paying customers, you start working towards keeping them happy. You would like to provide a consistent experience to them while working with you and your product. You end up finding best processes, procedures, and people for the job. When you experience a chaotic situation with customer relationship, you start thinking of standardization, relationship management and will be embarking on building a system. You reinvent yourself and the company for the challenge at hand. Suddenly structured way-of-working becomes essential.

Once you scale with multiple paying customers and maybe portfolio of products, you will be pushed to change your processes, engagement models, and related methods. Tools, techniques, and methods of finding, serving and retaining customers changes. New business processes become essential. You reinvent again.

Reinvention is a necessary rule of working for playing at your best. Instead of being pushed to reinvent due to market or customer dynamics, you should do it proactively. You will have a great opportunity to become a leader in the market space, a trend-setter, a creator of a remarkable craft. Keep reinventing to remain relevant.

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