Trust the work, let it show the path

When you set out build a remarkable piece of craft, you find it hard. You look for external motivation. Building every piece of the craft takes own time and might not play out well. The feedback you receive from your supporters and followers might not help you progress further. Schedule slips. Actions get delayed. Something coming to reality moves back to dreams. A reverse drain. You might even start forcefully ignoring the urge to move ahead. You blame it on distraction, very busy occupation and something related to destiny. Many wannabe entrepreneurs, artists, authors, creators face this reverse drain.

This might be due to the pressure you built to focus on the craft than your work. You should trust the work and build the craft. As your trust builds, your craftsmanship builds. Slowly, the crafts you build become better and one day, your craft might become remarkable. If you keep building remarkable craft as a goal, you’ll miss it soon. To build a big business, try building a business. Then build a business that can grow. Be in a business fully to grow. You’ll grow. The business will grow. By sometime, you’ll have a big business. Same is true with other crafts too.

Trust the work and let it build a path for your success. When you focus on success, you might go after shortcuts. They lead you to the path of failure. Instead when you focus on work, you build expertise, network and a chain of small wins. It leads you to the path of success.

be a #dreamerdoer

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