Effective decision making requires free and participatory choice

Making decisions seems easy. Making decisions that everyone will support is not so easy. You will be required to make decisions that impact others. Organisations seem to work better when people get an opportunity to influence decisions that have a direct impact on their work.

When people feel that something is important and they have some control, they will be motivated to take actions and make things work. When they believe that something is important but they can exert no control, the common tendencies are to become defensive, to-play-it-safe, to-withhold-information and find-ways-to-escape. Effective decisions require participation from people right through the process of decision making. You should create a free and open participation platform for people to feel that they are in some control.

When people participate, they will be able to get the right view of the constraints and impacts, ahead of time. This helps them understand and influence their own actions to be in line with the decisions they recommend. This improves the effectiveness of the decision and helps in smooth implementation as well. This requires courage and confidence in your people. When you respect and engage with people, you will create the free and open platform that encourages participation even at times of tough decision making. You will build a remarkable team and the craft.

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