Make the best use of the power of conversations

Conversations are not just talks. They are beyond just information sharing, instruction delivery mechanisms, and social bindings. They are dynamic, interactive, and inclusive. Conversations help in the evolution of the way we connect, engage, interact, and influence others. They help to enable us to shape reality, mindsets, and outcomes in a collaborative way. If you are having a good conversation, you are building a good collaboration.

Conversations help us to bring everyone on the same page, bridging the reality gaps. Conversations connect individuals, ideologies, and experiences. Unhealthy conversations are the root of distrust, deceit, betrayal, and avoidance. This leads to lower productivity and innovation, resulting in lower success. Good conversations have the ability to alter someone’s life permanently, even if it is just a short exchange of words in a hallway or an elevator.

Quality of conversations influences the quality of relationships. Quality of relationships influences the quality of your culture. To build a high-performance culture, embed trustworthy and powerful conversations in your way-of-life.

Build your vocabulary for healthy conversations. Enrich it with genuine tone and composure. Don’t trivialize your words and gestures. Greet, respect and engage in conversations. Use tone, the strength of voice and words to suit the context and the purpose.

Transactional conversations where business transaction is the context and sharing information is the purpose, focus on the comprehensive and inclusive approach. Positional conversations where you have the strong voice and points-of-view, influencing others to understand and accept your view of the work, requires the right choice of tone, voice, and words. Similarly, in co-creational conversations, focus on building a mutually-beneficial proposition. You have to use appropriate tone, voice, and words.

Build your competence for conversations. Make the best use of the power of conversations in making your craft remarkable.

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