Practice participation to evolve as a leader

Leadership is action. Action to make sure that everyone around you also takes right actions at right time. Leadership is also a position. A position to own every outcome of an act of self and the team. There are several styles of leadership. The classification is mostly based on the function, followers and the context.

The current generation of businesses is increasingly dynamic – in every element of their functioning, product/solutions, and customers. Digital Transformation – Business transformation through digital levers are making it much more dynamic to organize, collaborate and stay relevant. Hierarchy of decision making and control is losing relevance. Significance to real-time, unconventional, playing-to-win operational style is increasingly gaining momentum.

In order to maneuver well and stay on-the-course of building a remarkable business, you have to participate in every significant action of your business. You have to self-select to own the risk of every key decision, build a tolerant system and a culture of winning and executing well. Choose participation v/s delegation. Helps to cut time, show-case courage and build confidence within the team. Practice participation to evolve as a strong and dynamic leader.
Participatory leadership is the way-to-go.

Participatory leadership is all about respect and engagement. When you respect and engage with your customers, your employees and your partners, you end-up building a system that becomes energized well and every craft you build, becomes the most remarkable one. When you participate completely, you are showing the respect and engaging well. People follow the leader and his style. You end-up building the most enviable business and make way for many more through the people you touched!

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